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I. Company History

   uBeijing Symore Technology Development Company Limited locates at Daxing District in Beijing City. The company established in 1993 (located near to the Yu Yuan Tan Park) at the earliest stage with company name Zino Technology Development Company Limited is changed to current company name on November 8, 2000. It was awarded the ISO9000 certifications firstly in the same industry area in Beijing.

   uBeijing Symore Technology Development Company Limited belongs to the high technology development organization, being engaged in primarily industry automation instrumentation, whole set control equipments and its related products development, research to manufacture, production and sales. It is a pioneer company in this kind of industry area in China.

II. Organization and Construction

   uCompany according to its own business enterprise scale adopts straight-function construction: The board of directors directly appoints CEO to manage his underling four sections ! namely General Administration Dept., Marketing Dept., Production Factory, and R&D Dept.

III. The Company Culture and Operation Policy

   uThe Company Culture: Simplicity & Reliability; humanity; preeminence; Service.

   uThe Company Operation Policy: Benefit to society; Maximum satisfaction to customers.

IV. Company Research & Development Strategy

   uThe company concentrates on reforms and upgrade to the automation of the traditional machineries, especially the upgrades from the analog devices to intelligent digital controlling units. Emphasizing the advanced technology application firstly, supplies the high-tech, multi-function, low cost products to different customers. Particularly the customization orders are our characteristics service.

The Main Products are:

   uEngine parameter monitors; Full-automatic instrumentation; The fashion computer controlled lifting and tuning machine; Kitchen automation equipments.

   uThe automatic control instrumentation: SM/XM series intelligent digital display controller; The intelligent digital display polling meter; ZN, SM, ST series intelligent digital display single/double set timer, totalizer, counter, tachometer, frequency meter, raster meter and the series of ZN4735 AC/DC voltmeter, ammeter, KW meter, and etc..


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